With Yahrzeit Interactive, your synagogue’s yahrzeit data is simple to manage, and can be done from any computer with internet access. An employee or volunteer simply logs in to the Y.I. website and follows the on-screen instructions. We’ve designed the system to be easy to learn, with no special training required. Plus, our online help manual is always just a click away.

The Y.I. system allows administrators to:

  • Add New Names
  • Edit Existing Names
  • Select Hebrew or Gregorian Date of Death
  • Select Plaque Status (permanent/temporary)
  • Upload Photos
  • Type or Paste Biographies
  • Enter Personal Quotes
  • Assign Observers/Define Relationship
  • Search by First Name, Last Name or Both
  • Search by Family I.D.
  • Search by Date
  • View an uncoming Yahrzeit Week
  • Repeat a Search
  • Schedule an Alternate Display Date
  • Instantly Turn a Name On or Off
  • Change The Background
  • Change The Footer Text
  • Change Screen Font
  • Set Transition Speeds
  • Disable Navigation Arrow
  • Select Search Button Type
  • Set Shabbat Times
  • Set Time New Week’s Names Appear
  • Display All Names On Yizkor Dates
  • Automatically Lock Touchscreen On Shabbat
  • Instantly Lock Touchscreen Features
  • Preview the Screen


Clicking the Edit button next to any name brings up the Name Edit window.

Editing Yahrzeit Memorial Names


Separate fields are provided for

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Middle Name
  • Title (Mr., Dr., Prof., etc)
  • Suffix (Sr., Jr., III, etc)
  • Hebrew Name
  • Family ID
  • Gender
  • Plaque Status
  • Observer Name and Relationship
Searching Yahrzeit Memorial Names
Yahrzeit Date Search Options


All Yahrzeit Dates in the system start as a Gregorian Calendar date. When an Admin selects "Save Changes" the system automatically calculates the Hebrew Calendar Date.


Clicking the checkbox "Use Hebrew Calendar" will cause a Memorial to display on the appropriate day on the lunar calendar.


Each Memorial can display up to 6 custom photographs. Simply Click the upload box or drag photos into the upload box

Photo Order can be changed by clicking and dragging the photos into the desired order. Each photo can have 1 caption which will display in the Memorial

Adding Photos to Yahrzeit Plaques


Biography text can be entered into our simple text editor.

Custom Yahrzeit Biographies


Each Memorial also has a space for administrators to attach notes to a name. The notes field only appears in the Admin Panel.

Yahrzeit Memorial Notes