A biography with photographs can transform a name on a wall into a living memorial, a way to share with future generations how truly special someone was. An interactive display will allow any temple member, now or in the future, to simply touch a name and discover more about that person… what made them unique, what history they lived through, what they gave to their family, to their community, to the world. It’s a beautiful way to not only to honor loved ones, but to teach and inspire generations of Jews to come.

Yahrzeit Memorial - Lilian Bleier
Herb Hain - Yahrzeit Memorial Biography
Edith Jamin - Yahrzeit Memorial Biography
Paul Whalen - Yahrzeit Memorial Biography
Lois Lovi - Yahrzeit Memorial Biography
Default - Yahrzeit Memorial Biography

Memorial pages that have not had photos or biographies added display a tasteful default memorial page. Your synagogue can customize the default page to include any text or images you wish.