An interactive display will give your synagogue much more flexibility than the selling of traditional metal name plaques. Here are a few sales models to consider:

  1. Your congregation sets a single fee for all digital plaques, letting congregants know that this price includes the option for them to add photographs and a biography of their loved one (a “personalized memorial page”).
  2. A standard digital plaque (meaning no biography or photographs) can be purchased for a modest sum, and congregants can pay a higher fee for the creation of the personalized memorial page.
  3. Complimentary inclusion of all loved ones’ names on the screen is a benefit of being a dues-paying member. But congregants pay to upgrade any name from the standard digital plaque to the personalized memorial page (with pictures and biography).

All congregations are unique, and your temple board will ultimately determine which approach is right for your synagogue. Whatever you decide, one thing we do suggest is that all names on your traditional yahrzeit boards be automatically added to the digital screen from the start. Not only is this a thoughtful courtesy to the family members of those who have metal name plaques, but it also keeps your new interactive screen from looking empty during its initial weeks and months. First impressions are important, and you really want all congregants to have meaningful, positive interactions with your new yahrzeit screen from the very first Shabbat it’s turned on.

Customized Yahrzeit Memorial