The Yahrzeit Interactive Donor Wall feature is an optional addon that allows your Yahrzeit Interactive screen to acknowledge donors and thank patrons. Donor Walls can be configured to operate on your existing Yahrzeit Interactive screen - or on a separate screen as a stand alone system.

Your Account's Donor Wall can be configured into up to 5 Tiers to distinguish between contribution levels. Each Tier has a number of options:

  • Tier Title (Gold, Silver, Founding Members, etc)
  • Tier Message ("Thank you Gold Members", etc)
  • Tier Background Image
  • Tier Contribution amount
  • Font Size that names appear at this contribution level
  • Total number of names to show per slide at this tier
  • Display an Optional message per name in this Tier

Your Donors are then displayed in a tasteful slideshow that is played at periodic intervals.