A yahrzeit wall is more than a list of names. It’s a special area of your synagogue designed to allow congregants to mourn… to reflect… to smile back fondly. We’ve designed our product to be as beautiful as the memories of those whom we’ve loved. Having a wide selection of beautiful full-motion video backgrounds allows synagogues to select just the right imagery to match their unique congregation. Backgrounds can be changed at any time, whether to reflect a change of season or complement an upcoming Jewish holiday. Because of the rich selection of imagery we’ve built into our product, there’s no risk of your synagogue’s yahrzeit screen ever looking dated or tired. Just the opposite, it will quickly become a cherished new piece of art within your congregation.

Additionally our award-winning creative team can develop custom backgrounds to better meet your needs.

Hebrew Prayer Book and tallit katan with Yahrzeit Candle
Star of David Candle in the Mist
Stone wall by Candlelight
Row of Votive Candles
Oil Lamp at Sunset
Yizkor Candle - Dark Gold
Hebrew Prayer Book and Star of David Candle
Yahrzeit Candle - Gold
Shining Star of David - Blue
Star of David made with Candles
Yizkor Candle - Light Gold
Yahrzeit Candle - Blue
Yahrziet Candle 2 - Purple
Yizkor Candle - Vibrant Orange
Shining Star of David - Gold
Traditional Oil Lamp