To conserve power and extend the life of its parts, the system uses an external digital timer (housed near the Chromebox) that is programmed to shut down all components during overnight hours. The hours that the system wakes and sleeps are set using this timer. The schedule can be programmed to wake and sleep at different hours on different days of the days. Your synagogue can choose any range of daily hours it likes, but do not let the system run 24 hours a day. The once-a-day “powering down/powering up” function is vital to the Chromebox updating itself with the latest yahrzeit information stored in the online Y.I. database.

Important note about timer programming: In order to make sure the system functions properly, its morning ‘wake’ cycle requires a short “on-off-on” sequence. For example, if the system is to be on by 8 a.m., the timer must be programmed to power up at 7:58 a.m., then go back off at 7:59 a.m., then power up again at 8 a.m. This “on-off-on” sequence must be programmed for each day of the week that the screen is intended to operate. Failure to program this daily “on-off-on” sequence may result in the screen not responding when touched.

The power switch on the touchscreen should always be set in the “on” position. Use of the time-programming options within the touchscreen’s digital menu is unnecessary due to the external timer.