If the touchscreen shows the “Sign In” page:

Enter your synagogue’s display account username/password using the onscreen keyboard, pressing the “close” button after each is entered. Remember that your synagogues display account username/password is different from your administrator account username/password (which should be used only when entering information into the database from a different computer).

If the touchscreen does not display recent administrator changes, such as new yahrzeit names or a change of background art:

Press the “invisible button” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. When the options window appears, select “refresh the screen”. This should activate the latest changes made by the administrator.

If “Return To Admin” and “Logout” buttons appear when the search button is pressed on the touchscreen:

This means that the touchscreen has been accidently logged in under the administrator account. Press “logout” and log back in with the touchscreen’s correct username/password for your synagogue’s display account.

If no touchscreen buttons are responding on the screen:

First, check that the lower left-hand corner does not say “Touchscreen Features Locked At This Time.” If it does, the screen is either in its “Shabbat Lock” period, or has been manually locked using the “invisible button” in the screen’s upper right-hand corner.

If the screen is not “locked” as described above, the problem is likely a USB related issue. Steps to resolve:

  • Turn Chromebox off and back on, then recheck.
  • Unplug and replug the USB cable into the Chromebox, then recheck.
  • Check that the USB cable’s other end is plugged properly into the touchscreen.

If the touchscreen is completely black when it should be awake:

  • Check that the digital timer that controls the screen and chromebox is on and supplying power
  • Check that the screen’s power switch is in the “on” position
  • Check that the screen’s power cord is properly plugged in

If the touchscreen shows “No Signal” in a small white box:

  • Check that the Chromebox is on.
  • Check that all cables are properly connected to the Chromebox, particularly the power cord.

If the touchscreen continues showing the password login page despite entering the correct username and password:

There is likely an internet connection issue. Check the building’s internet connection. If it is functional, check that the Chromebox’s ethernet cable is properly plugged into the internet wall outlet.